Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hot: LOLcats

I'm a dog person. I've never liked cats because they think they're better than us. In fact, I think cats have every intention of killing us all (wait for it). Dogs love to be around you, cats only reason to associate with you is because you feed them.

That being said, cats are starting to grow on me because of the LOLcats pictures that have been floating around the Internets for a while. I am considering buying a cat and then trying to get it to do funny stuff. If that doesn't work out I can always feed the cat to my dogs.

Here are some of my favorites:

Here's a link with a TON of these to check out.


D Wheezy said...

I think you might find this amusing, as well as relevant to this particular post.

Double M said...

Our brain waves must be aligned (must be the Omaha roots) - I was just showing my wife all kinds of Caturday videos on Friday. Much like you I am not a cat person, but the ceiling cat makes me laugh every time.

Plus if it wasn't for the LOLcat, we wouldn't have the this picutre which I like to post everywhere.

Liz said...

Cats = lame. I think that's what makes the LOLcats so funny. They are so lame that we are all so amazed that they could possibly be humorous. I think that's why those California Raisin clay-mation dudes were so funny/cool in the 80s. Who's favorite food is raisins? Exactly.